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 Internet Safety

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PostSubject: Internet Safety    Internet Safety  Icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 5:53 am

We care about every single member here and that their are safe while online. It really important that you follow the rules and keep yourself safe as well as others.

The Internet can be a wonderful resource for kids, teenagers and adults They can use it to learn, communicate with others, and play games. This fun can be simply turned into a danger zone by making a simple mistake, which sometimes people regret for a long time.

Although it may be simple to ruin the fun online, there are many things you all have to do to avoid the trouble.

Personal Information

Never don't give out any personal information like address, first or last name, names of family members, social security. It really important that you information closely to yourself while online, never no matter how much you trust a person, never give your personal info. keep your personal information closely guarded.

It's usually best to avoid meeting online friends in person. Even if you think the person is nice and kind, you don't know who it is in real life.
Always let a parent/carer or an admin know if someone is pursuing a personal meet-up.
We are strongly against organizing a personal meet-up. If we see anyone here pursuing someone the member will be automatically banned.

Don't engage online bullies. If you receive angry or threatening messages in the ChatBox or forum, do not respond, as this will only fuel the bully and cause more of the same.
Remember to never provoke a member as it can lead to negative reaction on their side.

Uncomfortable moments
If anyone says something that is inappropriate or just doesn't feel right, end your conversation with them. One of the great things about the Internet is it's much easier to stop speaking to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Anything like that should be reported to an admin or a member of staff.

Avoid sending or sharing pictures of yourself or any thing that my show your identity via email, PM or websites.

Be Polite
Be cordial and polite in your Internet relationships and don't be disrespectful or as this could trigger a negative reaction by others. Treat everyone as you'd like to be treated in real life.

Watch Out
Not everyone is who they say they are; be very wary of people you and information that you get over the Internet as both could potentially harm or scam you. Keep your guard up.

  • Remember to never fight back as it can cause more trouble, sometimes its better to leave. And Be Safe.

  • Please follow the rules, but also never try to get and privet info of someone. And don't make people feel bad, as you'll be the one in trouble.

People may do any thing to get your information which you do not want to share. They might pretend that they'll give you babv credits, or anything like that.
The best thing to do is, Always No Matter How Much You Want What They Are Offering You, Always Say No!!
And Be Safe.

Have Fun,
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Internet Safety
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