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 Official Rules

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Official Rules Empty
PostSubject: Official Rules   Official Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 6:07 am

Please read the follow rules and make sure you follow at all times.

Personal Information Please do not under any circumstances ask, or post, any personal information.
This includes, no full names, addresses, personal background, anybody's information, ages, passwords, real life photos, videos, any phone numbers. And anything that might steal your or someone else's identity.
This also includes within members profiles and Private messages (PM)
-Note if anyone asks you for your private information, say no and contact a staff member immediately.

Spamming- Spamming is when you post something unrelated or unwanted to the original subject.
We do not tolerate spamming as it's messing the forums.
We don't want posts single worded!

Language- the language on the forums is English and we do not want anybody talking in any other language.

Inappropriate language
- swearing, inappropriate use of words, rudeness towards others, or anything that might offend another member is not tolerated here

Usernames- please note that having an offensive username will lead you to be banned.

Double accounts- Each member is allowed one account, and every single one after your first one will be deleted.
If you have a sibling that has the same IP we allow on having two accounts.

Quitting -Do not threaten to quit the forum for any reason in the chat box, by posting in a pm to several members, or by posting a thread anywhere on the forum.
This action causes too much drama and will be enforced by having your job status taken away if you are a staff member.

Asking for buildabearville codes, certificates, and any other buildabear items is not allowed.
You may only get these for winning a contest.

When Posting
Don't share any personal information- address, phone numbers, age, full name or anything that might steal your identity
Don't ask for:
personal information
any babv codes, birth certificates
Don't post links to any other site
Don't post photos of yourself or anybody else
Don't post videos
Don't use slang- e.g- hi m8 wubu2
Don't use inappropriate language
Don't leave comments that might hurt others or offend them
Don't leave single worded comments
Don't spam the forums
Make sure you're welcome and friendly all the time
No drama- no discussion about your personal life problems
No writing in Capital letter as it's like shouting
No writing in RED or BLUE as those are staff colors

Also when you're posting anything around the forum e.g news please make sure that the pictures aren't copied of somewhere else.

Any members that have broke these rules will be three chances, on the 3rd chance, you will be banned!
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Official Rules
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